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The book "Samuel Davis of Oxford and Joseph Davis of Dudley And Their Descendants"

published in 1884 by George L. Davis

William Davis

b. 1617 - Wales, England, d. 1683 - Roxbury, Mass


.... is believed to have come to this country, from Wales, in ~1635 where he settled, by 1642, in Roxbury, Massachusetts in the Massachusetts Bay Colony. The book "Samuel Davis of Oxford and Joseph Davis of Dudley And Their Descendants" published in 1884 by George L. Davis covers William and his descendants. 

All pages (610 pages plus)are digital photographs of the book pages with notes below each page where applicable. Particular attention should be paid to the Corrections Page for explanations and abbreviations as well as corrections. It is recommended that this material be used only as a guide in your research and that you satisfy yourself as to its accuracy. It is believed to be reasonably accurate, but errors can and do occur. There are added pages from an early history book describing the Puritans. Also page from the 29th Infantry, IL.. Isaac Davis' Civil War record (my G Grandfather) and Supposed connections to King Henry I.

The author of the book has included many fascinating tales about Williams descendants that make this worth reading, even if your ancestors are not within.

The screen is divided into three sections, upper, middle and lower. The upper section is a quick link to  individual blocks of page links. The middle section is the individual page link index and the lower section is where the actual book and document pages appear. Each page has hyperlinks as well. The borders between the sections can be moved by passing the mouse pointer over the border and when it changes to a double headed arrow, click and hold the left mouse button to drag the border to desired location.

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I offer this book in  downloadable HTML format free of charge. There are no obligations attached, but it took me hundreds of hours to copy all pages and make hyperlinks. If you find this work helpful to you, any donations to help cover my expenses and labor are greatly appreciated. However you are not obligated to donate anything. Let your conscience be your guide. My work is copyrighted, please give credit where credit is due and please do not disseminate this material except by linking to this page. Available on CD in limited quantities. Inquire.

If you find any errors in the page or note links, please call them to my attention so I can correct them.

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