23' 1985 Itasca Sunflyer Remodel Progress

Phase IV: Exterior work

Before Photo's (as Winnebago built it)

Phase I Photo's (Move fridge to other side)

Phase III Photo's (dinette remodel, new flooring, misc.)


This phase will cover all exterior work, Replace running lights, seal roof, remove tape striping/trim, paint end caps and trim, misc.

Many of these lights do not work and some have broken lenses. They are flush with the surface and I couldn't find anything to fit the openings.

Existing running/clearance lights   

 Existing lens.                                                                                                             With lens removed


LED clearance light and bracket. Not screwed in yet.                                                                                    Translucent plexiglass lens. No screws yet.  

I ended up using an LED clearance light and made a bracket to mount them in the opening from 1"x1/8" aluminum flat bar. The lens is translucent white plexiglass...hand made.


What it looks like lighted (comparison). They actually show red overall...not yellow in the center. This is a camera thing. All the lenses are ready. Just waiting to paint the end caps before installing the lights/lenses.


Removing the Itasca decal from the hood using a heat gun and putty knife. Wiping with rags soaked in lacquer thinner. Left, prior to sanding. Right, sanded using a random orbit sander & 180 grit paper. It's a messy, time consuming, job, but not too difficult (so far). Only 1/2 of the hood is done (I ran out of thinner).



Roof seams sealed with Eternabond tape. Old fridge vent removed and sealed. TV antenna removed and holes sealed. Decals (tape) removed from hood. Old clearance lights removed. Getting ready for paint.


Condition of the side decals is horrendous. These photo's are typical.


Removing decals on drivers side is progressing. Using a heat gun and scraper takes it to a mess, both on the floor as well as on the side. Residue is removed using an eraser wheel in 3/8 drill motor and lacquer thinner soaked rags. It's a slow messy job, but I'm making progress. I'll save the three top 1/2" stripes. they are in relative good condition.


First coat of Oyster White on the front cap. Second coat to follow today. Area around grille and headlights will be brown. Just painting white today. Using a 4" foam roller to apply the paint. Brush in tight areas. The paint is Rustoleum Marine Enamel and is self leveling. The first coat does not completely cover. A second will be necessary. I'm pleased with the way it looks, so far. Anxious to see how it looks after the final coat. The roller leaves a mild "orange peel" look. This is probably advantageous. If I tipped it off with a brush, it would smooth it out much better, but the fiberglass is not smooth and a high glossy finish would really show the defects in the fiberglass. I'll leave the roller finish.


Brown around grille and headlights finished. Rustoleum didn't have a brown marine paint, so I mixed a quart of red and a quart of green to get a nice shade of brown. I ordered chrome trim for the grille to replace the old stuff I ripped off and threw away. Tomorrow I'll  install the clearance lights and lenses. Then it will be time to turn it around so I can get at the back cap.

New clearance lights installed. Well sealed with clear sealant. This was a leak source before. Hopefully, it is fixed. Time to turn her around and finish the rear cap.


Two coats of Oyster White. Tire cover will be brown (like area around the grille). Clearance lights in, sealed and working. Those plastic bumper caps were busted up pretty bad. At $130 each I decided to replace the rear bumper, complete, with a 4" square tube for waste hose storage.



New bumper fabricated and installed, ready for paint.

For all practical purposes, the remodel is finished .Monday AM it goes in for a hoses and belts inspection and perhaps other things as well.

It is ready for use(after it passes mechanical inspection)!!!!

Mechanic inspected all hoses, belts, water pump and brakes. Says all look new. Time for a trial campout! 

Stepped inside and saw a box of goodies. Inside the box was the final touch that I had forgotten.

Now it's done!!!


Before Photo's (As Winnebago Built It)

Phase I Photo's (Completed)

Phase II Photo's (Completed)

Phase III Photo's (in progress)









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