23' 1985 Itasca Sunflyer Remodel Progress

Phase III: Dinette remodel, flooring, bed repairs.

Before Photo's (as Winnebago built it)

Phase I Photo's (Move fridge to other side)

Phase II Photo's (Cabinet remodel and new counter top.

Phase IV Photo's (Exterior Work)


This phase will concentrate on this area. Table will be replaced, seat backs replaced and cushions recovered. Flooring repaired and new vinyl tile. Other minor repairs.


Seat back trims changed from this.................


To this.    

We settled on Allure vinyl tile (12x12 squares) in the Sierra pattern for the flooring. It has lots of browns and oranges that should go well with our interior colors.  


There is a hump (arrow) in the existing floor that needs repaired before I put in the new Allure vinyl. Cutting the old carpet back to where the new vinyl will start, I learned that the original floor has been covered over with 3/8" underlayment and a newer floor installed. To get down to the damaged area where the hump is, I need to remove the added 3/8" underlayment....but it is screwed down and vinyl glued on top of that. I tried to remove the vinyl, but it just separates, leaving the screws covered. 


I tried passing a magnet (the red one) over the floor to find the screws, then, after finding screws, using the pencil magnet to pinpoint the head. I then cut around the screws, removing a small piece of vinyl to expose the screw heads. The screws are standard bugle head drywall screws and come out easily.  I expect to have this 3/8" plywood out very soon. then I can see what's happening at the hump.

After removing all the screws, I discovered that the newer underlayment is actually glued down (as well as screwed). This will require more than I had imagined.

This morning, I cut a core sample from the center of the hump. The floor is a sandwich construction similar to the side walls and roof. From the bottom up it is sheet metal, 1.5" of foam, two layers of 3/8" plywood, vinyl flooring. I expected to find a  layer of particle board that had been wet and swelled up. I found nothing out of the ordinary. No swelling or reason for a "hump". Next step is to crawl underneath to inspect the sheet metal layer for damage.

After looking underneath, I found that there is a heat shield over the mufflers and I can't see the floor pan. There is no sign of damage in the area nor has the heat shield been replaced. It would seem that the hump in the floor is a factory hump (defect?) and we will just live with it. It really isn't that noticeable. What I did find is brackets welded to the frame and bolted to the floor. It seems that the hump is caused by the floor sagging between the brackets. 3/8" plywood (remember, the second layer was added), foam and sheet metal is not very substantial (IMO).


Carpet removed in the entry. This area will be a challenge. Metal lips and screw heads make this area very uneven. Surface rust will be cleaned and painted with Rustoleum.



Cracks and holes filled with leveling compound. Floor built up at side of steps. A little clean-up and vinyl goes down.


Beginning Allure tile installation. Pardon the foot prints. This stuff is tough to cut. And every piece needs to be cut. I decided to do the rows across the width, rather than the length to minimize the number of perpendicular glue joints.


Allure tile is down...ready for trimming out the edges. Steps yet to do, but that's another day. My knees hurt.


Riser lined with aluminum plate, battery cover has a rubber backed welcome mat, cut to fit. This mat is flexible and allows the hinge to work and be covered at the same time. Another welcome mat of much heavier rubber is cut to fit the lower step. Tomorrow, trim around the top to finish it up. We're not too happy with the blue, but maybe we can find another mat of a more suitable color. If not, this one will do. This one is one we have had around for a time. We'll undoubtedly have a throw rug over it anyway to soak up water & mud from our feet.


Entry all trimmed out and finished. Looks like a double welcome......in case guests don't see the first one.


New table support, bolted through the floor. Table cut to size and laminate glued down. Edges will be similar to counter top (seen at left). Table will be attached to wall also, to stabilize it. The post alone is wiggly.


Table edges completed except for stain & finish. Fastened to wall with aluminum angle, studs and wing-nuts. It is very sturdy. About 3" wider and 2" deeper than original. The table will stow behind the drivers seat and plywood will make up the bed center section. These plywood pieces will stow under the dinette seats.


Table completed.








Before Photo's (As Winnebago Built It)

Phase I Photo's (Completed)

Phase II Photo's 

Phase IV photo's










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