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Commissioned art or ornamental iron is welcome, depending on available equipment and expertise. Contact me at Mail or phone 541-935-4586.

If you'd like to see any of these pieces in person, please call 1-541-935-4586 for an appointment. 

Book mark this page and come back often. There are frequent changes and additions as more pieces are completed and others sold.    

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Artists statement:

A native Oregonian, I was born in Medford, 1940. We moved to Eugene about 1950 and except for a brief stay in CA (1 1/2 years) and a hitch in the US Navy (4 years), I have been in this area since.

I began by making models of planes, and ships as a young boy and later, in high school, I took arts and crafts classes, shop classes and metal arts. In these classes, I learned the rudiments of forging tools, aluminum sand casting, forming copper and brass, ceramics, and enameling on copper. During high school I worked in an auto body and fender shop. After high school, I served in the US Navy as a ship fitter where I performed the maintenance on plumbing and steam lines, structural metals. 

After leaving the Navy, I worked as an office machine repairman in both mechanical and electronics.

From 1967 to the present time, I have been employed and/or self employed in fabrication and modification, repair of steel doors and frames. I have been crafting with my mind and hands for almost 50 years in all. 

With an eye on partial retirement (from my current occupation), I have added sculpturing and ornamental iron artwork to my repertoire. I decided it was time to use those tools and skills that I possess doing something I enjoy. August of 2000 I began my sculpturing efforts.

On the following pages are examples of my efforts. Every piece is original and one of a kind.  Every piece is hand made and therefore unique. I may combine sculpturing and ornamental iron work in one piece (as I did in the spider gate) or treat them  separately. I have the ability to see in my mind what a finished piece will look like. The challenge is to take those visions and put them in a  tangible form. 

I welcome your comments and suggestions. Click on the mailbox below to send email.

Thank you for visiting.

Jack D. Davis


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