16' Old Town FG Canoe, Motor Mount, Stabilizers

Stern Motor Mount and Home Built Stabilizers.

We just purchased a Minn Kota Traxxis 45 electric motor for our canoe. I spent days researching various motor mounts and their pros/cons. I preferred a stern mount, but they sit too far back in our style canoe stern and it also puts the tiller in the middle of my back. Side saddle mounts place the weight off to the side, but the tiller is much handier. It's always preferable to have the weight centered port to starboard (directly under the keel). I puzzled over the best type of mount....side saddle or stern......then it came to me. I can do both.   

First I formed a 16 ga. plate to fit the stern deck.

Then I rounded the corners and added a shaped 1/4" flat bar welded to the deck plate.


Checking for angles.

With tiller at 45 deg. starboard turn, the motor will angle upward about 5 deg.

And 45 deg. turn to port it will angle ~5 deg, downward. I don't expect this to be a problem....or even noticeable.

Fitted oak pieces and through bolted to the flat bar.

Checking angles again. Looks good.

I made some pins that pass clear through the hull and motor mount to hold it in place.

I'll probably replace these pins with a bit larger so I can drill for clevis type clips (hair pins).

Stowed for paddling.

Fully stowed.

View from above.

And behind.

It looks like I can shorten the shaft ~4"-5". I'll test in the water first. Depth of the motor is critical. Too shallow and it will cavitate and too deep will limit how close I can get to shore before hitting bottom. A cavitation plate may be in order. After I shorten the shaft, I will angle the control head/tiller a few degrees to port to make it easier to reach.

Today, I counter-bored for the clamp feet and made some clevis pins from 1/4" brass rod. It looks like the battery will fit nicely in the bow under the deck. Still leaves lots of room for the front passenger/paddler.

Motor mount is finished.



All that's left is to epoxy this strip of wood to hold the battery under the bow deck and wiring.

I decided to add some stabilizers. Made these from lobster pot floats and PVC pipe. I had the "Fish-On" rod holders on hand. The rod holders are fastened to oak wood epoxied to the gunwales. I still have pins to add to hold the separate pieces together. Another trip to the hardware store.

Pins added for take-down.

And licensed ....ready to go.





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