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The "Original" Canoe Trailer

17' Grumman Canoe & Trailer with Cargo Box

We needed a way to carry our canoe and the top of our van or motor home/camper was not an option. I designed and built this trailer as a solution. The cargo box was an after thought, but works very well. In our first outing, it (the cargo box) was used to carry fire wood. It is also a good place for life jackets, lawn chairs, BBQ, camping gear, etc. The canoe sits on an overhead rack in the inverted position which is the way a canoe should be carried and stored. All welded steel tube. Tires/wheels 4.80 x12" spoke. Steel fenders. 900# springs. Wiring internal. Hitch for 2" ball. All wiring is inside the tubes. Taillights are LED. Heavy duty Bungee cords hold the canoe in place. Brackets to hold paddles to tongue and spare tire mounted. We towed this trailer with canoe and load of firewood in the cargo box behind our 20' motor home/camper on a 500 mile trip to a mountain lake in WA last Summer (2007) and a couple of shorter trips with no problems. Towed easily. Straight and true at freeway speeds and over rough washboard roads. 

This trailer (and canoe) has been sold. I purchased another canoe and built an improved (tip-up) trailer for access to the cargo box without having to remove the canoe. The trailer (and canoe) pictured in this link is my personal trailer and not for sale. 

Retired. Not making trailers any longer.

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Shown with our 17' Grumman aluminum canoe loaded for trial fit.

I can design a canoe/kayak trailer to fit your needs and since I am a semi-retired metal-smith with the facilities and equipment, you can rest assured that the trailer will be professionally built and my rates are very reasonable.  It would not be difficult to place bicycles on each side of a canoe and cargo area with minor additions to the trailer (for example). Please know that I build these on a one at a time basis for pickup at my shop. You must arrange shipping, if necessary. Call me at 541-935-4586 or email me here

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